Furnitures of a Concrete City

“furnitures of a Concrete City” : City Furnitures That Look Like Home Furnishings. These Designs Were Created With a Sole Reason: to Carry The Homefeeling to The Cityscape, to Remind Us That a City, Bringing Together People and Communities, Is a Big

The Concrete Family consists of Concrete Bir, Iki and Uc and also the Tash and the City Lamp. It was designed to create a home feeling in the city-scape, to carry the interior to exterior to have a different kind of feeling when you are seated in par <Cropped>

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Emese Orban's Anamamrete Experimental Project

Emese Orban Shows The Anamamrete Experimental Project

Emese Orban, the creative mind behind the awarded project Emese Orban's Anamamrete Experimental project spells out, Anamamrete project offers new and innovative ways of using concrete in architecture, interior, product, furniture or accessory de <Cropped>

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Danyang Pang's Body Boom Pop Up Book

Danyang Pang Shares The Body Boom Pop Up Book

Danyang Pang, the lead designer of the award winning project Pop up book:Body Boom by Danyang Pang points out, This project will be a tool for educating both parents and their children. It helps children discover the joy of learning by letting them <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Wuzhonghao Graphic Design Category

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Wuzhonghao Graphic Design Category

The creative mind behind the displayed design Graphic Design Category: by Acclaimed Designer spells out, To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare posters, using Chinese cultural legacy, opera as a design element, Shakespeare put Chinese op <Cropped>

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Flovers-Floor Lamp by Denis Orlenok

Denis Orlenok Spotlights The Flovers Floor Lamp

Denis Orlenok, the creator of the awarded design Floor Lamp by Denis Orlenok spells out, FLOvers - is transforming floor lamp for a local interior lighting. Its' light transformation principal is inspired by the laws of nature and based on a val <Cropped>

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Cafe :the Bad Cafe by Nuru Karim Nudes

Nuru Karim Nudes Shares The The Bad Cafe Cafe

Nuru Karim NUDES, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Award Winning The Bad Cafe Cafe says, The architectural component was designed to facilitate yoga, gastronomical experiences, and cultural event spaces for music, art, performances, intel <Cropped>

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Coffee Shop:hich Cafe by Navid Moshir Arash Seifan

Navid Moshir Arash Seifan Spotlights The Hich Cafe Coffee Shop

Navid Moshir Arash Seifan, the designer of the award winning work Hich Cafe by Navid Moshir Arash Seifan spells out, The plan seeks to create a space that is both calm and full of life and affection. Local is away from everyday seizures to make impor <Cropped>

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Organization, Online Platform by Lanjing Zhu

Lanjing Zhu Designs The Neochi The New Chinese Design Organization, Online Platform

Lanjing Zhu, the designer of the award winning project Neochi The New Chinese Design - organization, online platform by Lanjing Zhu demonstrates, The ultimate aim of this design project is to create a new organization called Neochi. This project will <Cropped>

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Muse by Marianela Salinas Jaimes

Marianela Salinas Jaimes Presents The Muse Decorative Plate

Marianela Salinas Jaimes, the creative mind behind the displayed work Muse by Marianela Salinas Jaimes explicates, Muse is a ceramic plate with an illustration stamped by a serigraphic process cured at high temperatures for a better fixation of the s <Cropped>

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Award Winning Gold and Spiderweb Art

Andrejs Nadezdinskis Shows The Gold and Spiderweb Art

Andrejs Nadezdinskis, the thinktank behind the awarded work Andrejs Nadezdinskis's Gold and Spiderweb Art demonstrates, Spider web and its natural aesthetics always has attracted attention. Unfortunately its beauty does not last for long. The go <Cropped>

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