Telve by Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Nihat Duran

Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Nihat Duran Reveals The Telve Coffee Machine

Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Nihat Duran, the author of the award winning project Award Winning TELVE Coffee Machine explicates, In terms of general sense of form, it also refers to the traditional products with its unique curve on its main geometry, be <Cropped>

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Brand and Packaging Design Excellence:frambois Bread by Packlab

Packlab Presents The Frambois Bread Brand and Packaging Design Excellence

PACKLAB, the thinktank behind the displayed project Brand and Packaging Design Excellence:Frambois Bread by PACKLAB illustrates, The unique properties from this project are purely influenced by fantasy, romance and French architecture - the tones, c <Cropped>

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Pout-Boot by Kendall Reynolds

Kendall Reynolds Spotlights The Pout Boot

Kendall Reynolds, the lead designer of the highlighted design Boot by Kendall Reynolds says, A chic, strap-on pocket detailed with handsome diamond dust hardware doubles the appeal of the street savvy Pout boot. Pursed lips will be all about decidin <Cropped>

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Spatial Design and Communication:breaking Time by Max Bessone

Max Bessone Spotlights The Breaking Time Spatial Design and Communication

Max Bessone, the creative mind behind the awarded design Spatial design and communication by Max Bessone points out, See the world through different eyes and explore what could be, as opposed to what it is. Starting from this concept, Max transform <Cropped>

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Club by Yongcai Huang

Yongcai Huang Exhibits The Song's Club Club

Yongcai Huang, the project leader of the highlighted design Club:Song's Club by Yongcai Huang explicates, The design of Song's club is inspired by the spacial quality from the Chinese traditional landscape painting. We used the 'gable <Cropped>

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Farming Kindergarten-Kindergarten by Vtn Architects

Vtn Architects Reveals The Farming Kindergarten Kindergarten

VTN Architects, the creator of the highlighted design Kindergarten:Farming Kindergarten by VTN Architects illustrates, The kindergarten is constructed for 500 pre-school children of Taiwanese shoes factory in Vietnam to provide a sustainable educatio <Cropped>

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Award Winning School of Technology Higher Education Institution

Nuno Montenegro Shows The School of Technology Higher Education Institution

Nuno Montenegro, the creative mind behind the awarded work Higher Education Institution by Nuno Montenegro points out, The key feature of this building is a massive portico that floats over the school gardens. The structure arises from the combinatio <Cropped>

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Gerardo Ríos's Cosmic Lounge Chair

Gerardo Ríos Shares The Cosmic Lounge Chair

Gerardo Ríos, the creative mind behind the displayed work Award Winning Cosmic Lounge Chair explicates, The tilted lines of this seating piece emulate trendy shapes that bloomed on the late 1950’s, under the fashion current named “atom punk”. <Cropped>

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Wong's Residences by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Wong's Residences Residence

The creator of the highlighted work Wong's residences - Residence by Acclaimed Designer spells out, It is a contemporary design without any extra seam and line so all doors and cabinet hidden. White will be the background colour highlight with s <Cropped>

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Design Excellence Awards 2020

The Design Excellence Awards 2020 Is An Interior Design Competition Organised by The Interior Design Confederation of Singapore That Offers Cash Prizes, Keynote Speaking Engagements and Publicity For Winners With Media Partners Like Home & Decor, Houz

The design excellence awards 2020 is an interior design competition organised by the interior design confederation of singapore that offers cash prizes, keynote speaking engagements and publicity for winners with media partners like home & decor, <Cropped>

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