Mirco Luzzi's Insal'arte Food Packaging (fresh Salad)

Mirco Luzzi Creates The Insal'arte Food Packaging (fresh Salad)

Mirco Luzzi, the architect of the displayed design Mirco Luzzi's Insal'Arte Food packaging (Fresh Salad) spells out, The pack contains fresh salad. Every package shows the initial letter of the product which is inside of it (as for example: L for Lattughino, S for Spinaci etc.). For the realization of every letter it has been created a sculpture made with salad’s leaves which it was photographed (without any image editing or 3d graphics), using the salad contained in the package. The result not only shows the fresh product contained in the package but also creates immediate recognisability when shelf stocked and the possibility to establish customer interaction having the entire alphabet at their disposal..

Mirco Luzzi's Insal'arte Food Packaging (fresh Salad) Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=35761

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